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What are Tiny Houses?

We know there are so many different definitions and products on the market nowadays it kind of becomes all vague in terms of definitions. Is it related to downsizing or does it need to be mobile? We try to represent a broad range of compact, fully functioning and transportable dwellings.
Working with providers who focus on great design and construction at an affordable and low-impact scale. Inherently flexible, the tiny houses suit a variety of short or long term applications – actually the possibilities and use cases are endless!

Most importantly there’s a passion of building sustainable and quality compact spaces, whatever form or application they take. Living in small dwellings is nothing new but regular houses are often huge and not sustainable at all. As housing needs are changing and diversifying, more housing alternatives are greatly needed.
Besides being low-impact, Tiny Houses are all about flexibility and freedom. For some, it’s the freedom to live a well-balanced life by purchasing something small without having to rely on a mortgage. For others, it’s the flexibility of being able to change the size, function and location of an existing home.

Much of the housing affordability crisis we now face is tied to high demand for land. The key to the Tiny House idea is the flexibility that comes from separating house from land, which frees a Tiny House from some of the pressures of the housing market. This means that the general ‘dream’ of home ownership is possible even to those who cannot afford land or mortgages. And however a tiny house is placed, it can be moved or removed with minimal disruption as needs change.

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What would I use a Tiny House for?

The possibilities ar endless but to give it some thoughts we can hint a few.


We believe a person’s home should be able to change as their needs change; to expand, contract, re-organise, and even move if the need arises. Compact, moveable homes can supplement existing housing beautifully, without the usual expenses and developmental hurdles, meaning that you can use a Tiny House to house friends and family, or even rent out as an extra source of income.


For the free-spirited, the nature lovers, and those without affordable access to grid services.
Where grid infrastructure exists, fixed and permanent dwellings often must be connected to it, regardless of the user’s wishes. Transportable dwellings bypass this requirement, and the small scale makes passive, off-grid systems particularly effective.


A studio space – discrete, manageable, and just enough to run your home business in piece.
An office, just how you like it, that lets you take your business with you.
A mobile retail space for markets, festivals and large events…complete with demountable outdoor deck space.


Tiny houses on wheels are perfectly suited for temporary and relief housing – they can be shuffled and re-organised as the need arises.
Perhaps you’re planning your bigger dream home and want to live on-site during construction, or get to know the land while you’re still designing – keep it there and it’ll make the perfect granny flat when you’re done!

Tiny Houses you can buy today

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Our providers have established a reputation for building quality Tiny Houses that can fit your specific lifestyle and budget. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or an empty-nester who wants to downsize, our listed providers offer a wide range customisable solutions. Check our listed partners and browse their portfolio on Roofspots and aim for an optimal way of living without breaking the bank.

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