Home Buying Process

Buying a Prefab or Modular Home

Buying a Manufactured or Mobile Home

Beyond just building a house, our independent providers and builders are committed to making your new home buying experience easier and minimise stress involved. After all buying a manufactured home doesn’t have to be complicated but needs attention from a slightly different angle.

Following a few steps in the process of buying manufactured and modular homes can help you understand the home buying process for manufactured and modular homes and the roles of Roofspots partners.

Our partners are specialised and recognized in manufacturing sustainable home and office solutions. Together with  our listed independent architects and experts you can feel confident purchasing your new home that meets your budget and fits a future proof sustainable lifestyle.

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Step 1: Selecting the home design that’s right for you

Our providers offer a wide range unique home designs ranging from Tiny Houses to multiple story Modular Homes, including sheds, office solutions and other outbuilding designs. You can view available modular, prefab and tiny home offers for your region on our website using the Find a Home search or explore provider profiles and pay them a personal visit locally. The Find a Home search will list offers available in your area (country) you specify. You can also select some additional amenities, such as bedrooms, bathrooms and square footage to refine your search results.

Get started today! Search for a sustainable prefab and modular home in your area.


Step 2: Connect with experts and visit a local provider

There’s no better way to gain confidence to create the home of your dreams than connecting and visiting the provider yourself. It’s important to get a good understanding, know what you can expect from them and determine their knowledge and experience in housing solutions. Obviously it’s maybe not always possible to visit a provider locally or you would prefer the help from one of the knowledgeable experts listed on Roofspots? Find an Expert->

When you’re able to visit one of our providers, you’ll discover a multitude of available features that you may not have expected in factory-built housing, including numerous floor covering options, energy saving packages, built-in specialty cabinets, computer/office areas, spa-style bathrooms, fireplaces and custom cabinetry, just to name a few. Together with an expert you can setup yourself for success and will help educate you on all the standard and optional features, and guide you through the selections for your new home.

Also keep an eye on events organised by Providers, Experts or Grassroot organizations. There’s a huge demand for sustainable housijng and new solutions, materials arise quicckly.It’s an exiting space and we’re in a major shift going forward.  Try to attend an event, offline or online to get a good understanding, meet likeminded people. It might be even a good option to build together as a group. Living together with a shared interest and eventually get things done more effectively. Good examples are popping up every day. Have a look at some listed building groups. Many have already established their preferred way of living. To get there they’ve overcome many challenges and hurdles which you in turn could learn from and avoid a lot of stress.

Once you’ve made your initial selection, Providers will be able to make a formal quote for the home including shipping, foundation, site preparation, home setup and any on-site related work necessary to complete your new home.

Step 3: Permits, financing and ordering your home

Finding a lot

Well obviously it starts with an available lot to build your own house. This can be very…..VERY challenging. Therefor we recommend to meet and engage with building groups and initiatives who already overcame this hurdle, likely know some options or maybe even have a spot available for you. We try to list available lots and work together with local Municipalities.


From pre-approval through closing, your provider has the expertise to guide you through the financing process. They’ll be able to provide you with local and national banks, and have experience with and explain the different types of loan programs available.

Once your financing is in place, your provider will review your final options and after confirmation you can proceed ordering your home.


Step 4: Building and installing your home

When your home is ordered, it will get scheduled for production. As Prefab is done on an assembly line you’ll save cost around labor and on-site materials needed. Building the modules for most homes is usually complete within 60 days of the order date. But this really depends on individual providers, manufacturing capacity and your individual needs. The modules are then shipped to the home site for installation. While the Provider is building the modules for your home, preparing your lot for building needs to be ready once delivery time. Installing a foundation, and planning for utility hookups and other necessary site work needs to be arranged and done by local contractors. Local building officials will inspect the project on site at various stages and issue a certificate of occupancy when everything is completed. Once approved for occupancy, you’re off to closing with your lender and on to moving in and enjoying your new home.

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