Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome organizations and individuals who would like to contribute to our mission to become the go to source for builders.

Typically we would like to list:

  • Providers who would like to list their offers and portfolio
  • Architects able to list their portfolio
  • Building Groups showcasing their initiative and gain interest from new members
  • Experts & Advisors who can contribute with their knowledge around the building process or financial advice.

A free Partner profile page is easily setup here. It gives you great visibility in our community. Remember you need to switch your account type to “Partner” else you’re not able to create listings at all. You can attach your offer, portfolio and events directly to this page. When people are interested in your offer they can reach out to you via several contact options.

The following listing types are supported and can easily be created here.



  • Shed
  • Office Space


  • Online event
  • Viewing days
  • Fair & Expo


  • Temporary spots
  • New projects

Yes, absolutely! You can add your offer without having a Partner profile page as well. A partner page is free and never expires while portfolio and offers are paid listings. Would you like to add your offer without a Partner profile page, follow this link to add an offer, portfolio item or event.

Please follow this link for an actual overview of available packages and pricing.

Following listing types are always free to setup:

  • Partner Profile Pages (never expires)

If not done already have a look here.

  • Events (expires once occurred)

Easily create your events here.

Glad you asked. Roofspots can help you out and make sure your offer or portfolio is getting listed and fully managed by our team. Less hassle and always up to date. Please reach out to us to discuss the options we currently provide. Contact us here

Depending on the chosen listing package the listing duration varies between 30 days for a single listing till 365 days for multiple listings depending on the chosen package.

Yes of course. You can order and combine as many listing packages as you like. 

No, we don’t auto renew listings or invoice you automatically. After expiration of your listing you’re free to determine if you would extend the listing. We’ll send a reminder email about your expiring listings thus informing you to take appropriate action.

Yes, we provide a listing dashboard where you can track your listings. 

  • Views
  • Unique views
  • Countries
  • Referrers

Within your account dashboard you’re able to:

  • Manage existing listings
  • Create new listings
  • Promote listings 
  • Switch plans (upgrade/downgrade)
  • Delete listings

Please do. Just send us a line here and we’ll get in touch with you.

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