How to add listings to Roofspots

Prefab and sustainable housing is a rapidly emerging innovative housing movement. Building in an eco friendly, sustainable way, much quicker and affordable at the same time to meet high demand for housing solutions.

Roofspots has been set up to simplify the process for ambitious builders and provide a rich catalog of available Houses, Lots and Services that can assist during this exiting journey. 

Building groups can expose their initiative to attract new members or help each other out. Starting or already initiated a building group? Create a free profile page and let people get aware, let them easily join your upcoming events or workshops. We welcome everybody active in the exiting landscape of modern housing solutions to actively participate in the Roofspots Community.

1. Create an Account

Visiting the site doesn’t require a user account but it enables you to save favourites, leave reviews and become part of the community. To submit your first Listing as a provider, architect or advisor, you can setup a partner account.

You can create an account through the navigation menu or just setup your account during the process below. 

IMPORTANT: make sure to select the Partner account type else you’re not able to create listings. Check in your account settings the selected account type.

2. List your Free Business profile

Providers, Architects, Advisors and Building Groups are welcome to get listed on Roofspots. Your starting point is to add a free Business profile page, which can be easily setup from the navigation menu. A Business profile page is free, never expires and a good way to list your company or organisation to the directory.

Tip: You can quickly find out if a Business profile page is already added in our directory.

3. Add your portfolio to be found

Once your Business profile is setup you can add your portfolio or events to it. You can click on the listing type that matches your offer.

Finance your home

4. Choose a pricing Package

Pick a Listing Package that best meets your needs and your budget. We don’t auto renew but send a reminder once a listing is expiring. You can decide to continue or stop listing your offer.

Note: submissions can be upgraded, downgraded, or cancelled at any time. 

Limited on time? Contact us if you would like your portfolio get listed where we add and fully manage your listings.

Discuss fully managed options

Roofspots offers simple pricing and offers managed listings to get your portfolio seen.


€ 7.90

Listing covers the essentials

€ 29.90

Advanced portfolio features

€ 299

Successful businesses

Partner profile
Portfolio listing

1 listing submission

Max. 4 listing submissions

Max. 8 listing submissions


30 days expiration

30 days expiration

365 days expiration

Event listing
Searchable listing (SEO optimized)
Ratings & Reviews
Listing analytics
Built-in Contact Form
Facebook Messenger
Whatsapp messages

Link to your website

Duplicate listings
Self Service

Fully Managed Listings

Web transaction fees

5% processing fee on all shop transactions. This is also subject to payment provider fees (Paypal).